Welcome to GBATrump.net

This is a personal website and does not represent anyone nor anything else. Maybe you were looking for GBATemp.net (of which I'm a member too)?

Most importantly, this is a Javascript-free zone. This page is lightweight, efficient, without floating/animated gimmicks, and should be fully readable on Lynx the Nintendo 3DS browser!

You can contact me (mostly in order of preference = chance it will be received) on Telegram @Ryccardo, by email, on GBATemp and reddit under the same username, and Github or whatever wiki I'm currently contributing to and won't open for years afterwards...

I am technically registered to the Big 3 2 social networks of the 2010s (twatter, failbook, and G+) but trust me when I say that I've lived fine since 2015 fully knowing that I'd be missing whatever event or pseudoscience my mom would be spamming me... - I just miss a little the random friendly people spread all over Italy on yaoi fanart sharing - er, general discussion private groups I participated in :)

I also am technically on YouTube, and sometimes upload the occasional gaming/instructional/sarcastic/all three video... but they don't feel remotely as satisfying to produce as they were until I remade my account in 2012 or so, probably as a consequence of the rampant commercial bastardization of the site :(




Cosplay photos

Hosted on Google - see dedicated page for album links