Wii U

Brick related

  1. WiiUBru brick database
  2. Hardmod guide (SLC)
  3. Punderino's packaging of SystemConfigTool is safe to install on rednand (of course), and sysnand only if you have CBHC. Uninstall it before removing CBHC, and be careful as it's easy to accidentally format your console if you don't think before clicking! And to be honest, as cool as it is, all its features (on a retail console) can be done manually or with other tools... If you install it on USB you will need said drive to boot.


Secret options


ARM9LoaderHax speedrun

On 2017-1-6, I became the first person in the world to have uploaded video proof of installing A9LH on a fully updated (11.2) and unmodded New 3DS.

I did take a small risk, as OTPless installation carries an approximately 3% chance of failure, but this actually was a non-issue as I already had a NAND backup from the first time I hacked it, over a year and half ago!

I also didn't do my best (hesitated a little on the home menu), yet nobody to the best of my knowledge tried to beat me yet :)

For more information, including the rules I set for speedrunning this "game", please see the video description.

Custom Firmware

  1. Wolfvak's CakesFW for 11.1 kernel with extra patches included: Cakes CFW for 11.1 kernel
  2. Before I switched to Cakes, I mantained my fork of Luma called Puma33DS
  3. Reinand just made a comeback with 5.0, this will be interesting

Special Characters

  1. Private-use characters of the standard system font
  2. Private-use characters of Mario Kart 7
  3. Discussion on how to edit the characters of the standard 3DS keyboard and a prebuilt European region keyboard with private-use symbols and hiragana/katakana

Romhacking tools, etc

  1. d0k3 provides occasionally updated Windows 32-bit builds of ctrtool, 3dstool, makerom etc. as 3DS-Tools-Collection
  2. I wrote half-assed tutorials on using the above for game CXIs and system CFAs. Of course the beauty of these tools is that, by thinking and having the structure of a 3DS title in mind, any combination can be handled!
  3. Asdolo's signature has links to his not excellent, but very convenient, VC injectors for Windows!

GBATemp predictions that actually turned out to be true

DS and DSi

Shop closure and what it means for hacking

  1. 2016-9-31: Adding credit becomes impossible (at least without calling nintendo?) thus blocking most people from purchasing formerly-exploitable DSiWare (which can be exploited with hardmod)
  2. 2017-3-1: Ticket generation disabled, all new purchases will be impossible. But until that you can still get Opera and Flipnote, which are enough to get the nand key for hardmodding (itself enough for fixing the iEvolution)
  3. 2017-12-31?: Shop completely closed, no more redownloads.

3 partially overlapping ways to run DSi HB

Recommended flashcards

  1. Original R4 (r4ds.cn, r4ds.com, unbranded rereleases)

    Buy it at: NDS-Card

    Compatibility: DS, DS Lite, 3DS with CFW

    Pros: Very cheap, unbrickable, excellent compatibility when used with Wood kernel

    Cons: No SDHC support (more than lack of space, the issue is that 2 GB cards are expensive nowadays, running for the same prices as a cheap but good 16/32)

  2. R4i Gold (r4ids.cn ONLY) and R4i DSN

    Buy it at: NDS-Card

    Compatibility: All DS/DSi/3DS

    Pros: Cheap, excellent compatibility when used with Wood kernel

    Cons: Nothing in particular

  3. Supercard DSTwo (supercard.sc)

    Buy it at: NDS-Card

    Compatibility: All DS/DSi/3DS

    Pros: Independent CPU for higher performance video decoding, SNES/GBA/PC emulation and more

    Cons: Expensive, high power drain

  4. CycloDS iEvolution

  5. Buy it at: Shop01Media

    Compatibility: DS, DS Lite, DSi 1.4.3 and less, 3DS 2.x and less, 3DS with CFW

    Pros: Runs DSi physical games and homebrews

    Cons: Discontinued, rare and expensive for its below average (for 2012 and on) compatibility that won't improve

Piracy is the only option‽

(Coming Soon)

Super Mario 64 DS blockless challenge

  1. World 1-5: Should be possible
  2. World 1 100 coins: Slightly tedious but confirmed possible
  3. World 2: All 8 possible
  4. World 3-6: Impossible, requires vanish cap
  5. World 3-7: Impossible, requires metal cap
  6. World 4: all 8 possible
  7. World Mario: Only switch star possible
  8. World 5: Walljump to get to Luigi's world
  9. World Luigi: No stars possible? will have to double check
  10. World 5-5: Use Luigi's backflip to get to Big Boo, then backflip and floating jump to get on the roof. Not very easy!
  11. World 5-6: Impossible, requires vanish cap to reach the room
  12. World 6-3: Impossible, requires metal cap
  13. World 6-4: Use Luigi's backflip while in a "hole" inside the poison
  14. World 6-5: Use Luigi's backflip from a poison-less area with a single Monty mole
  15. World 7: All 8 possible
  16. World 8-4: You can carefully climb the pillars with a shell (no need to actually get the coins on top of them)... or enter the pyramid normally, stand on the tile in the sand just left of the quicksand directly under the entrance to the tomb, and use Luigi's backflip!
  17. World 9-3: Not possible before beating Bowser 2 and getting the poles, unlike with caps :)
  18. World 9-4: Impossible, requires metal cap
  19. World 9-6: Impossible, requires vanish cap
  20. World 9-7: Impossible, must be selected to be obtained


Who the fuck cares about an expensive console with paid online, that will launch with games initially designed (or even actually released) for the WiiU, but won't be backwards compatible, and for a decent length of time not cheap or hackable?

Update: I have released an emulator webapp.

NES Mini

At least this one has a softmod for games (hakchi2), one for Linux, and the controllers are nice. But I won't be buying the New Nintendo Raspberry Pi either...